What Ignite Your Match does for you

It’s a novel idea perhaps…

Critiques on online dating profiles.

What does that even mean?

Well, you know how some people get friends of the opposite gender to help them out with their dating profiles?

I did it back in the day, and a lot of people do it.

The problem is, that our friends are nice to us. Too nice. They don’t point out everything wrong. And they’re biased, because they’re our friends, so they don’t see all the issues.

And it can just be minor issues holding us back.

For example, I moved around a lot a couple years ago. My Tinder profile talked about it, and I thought it was interesting to mention it.

But when I ran my Tinder profile through Ignite Your Match, I learned that it was a red flag for women.

What I thought was interesting, to them meant I could be gone again real soon, and that was a turnoff, holding me back, and I didn’t even realize.

You have to get unbiased people to give feedback on your profile.

They will point out everything you can improve, what you should remove, and how to make yourself sound better.

And all this will help your chances of getting more dates.

Because that’s the goal with online dating.

And we want to help you achieve it.


By submitting your profile to our pool of thousands of helpful reviewers.

What you will get out of it:

  • Help selecting the best profile picture, and which ones to remove

  • Find red flags and things that are hurting your chances, that you don’t even realize are there

  • Tips on what to write more about

  • Ideas on what in your profile is already working, and how to improve those areas

  • Suggestions on what to cut out of your profiles

Everything is kept anonymous and private. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

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Ignite Your Match provides anonymous and constructive feedback from either ten men or women in the age range you desire to give feedback on your profile so that you can find out what is keeping you from getting quality responses, dates, and results.

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