OkCupid review

OkCupid Review

OkCupid Review


OkCupid is a major online dating site. In many ways, it tends to cater to younger, less professional types (read “hipsters”) rather than older, more conservative people like one might find on eHarmony or Match.com.

OkCupid is famous for their matching algorithm. Users can answer tons of questions and their input helps formulate the matches by putting together supposedly like-minded people. Questions range from political issues (“Which is more offensive, book burning or flag burning? “) to religious issues (“How important is religion/God in your life?”) to questions with answers that are painfully not always obvious to everyone (“Which is bigger, the earth or the sun?”), as well as tons of sex questions (“Would you allow your partner to kiss you after performing oral sex on you?”)

Going through and answering questions is important, as it lets you be matched against other people, and users can sort by matches, supposedly highlighting the people who they would mesh the best with on a date. You also are forced to answer questions, as you can’t see someone’s answer for a specific question without answering it yourself. Curious how that potential mate answered the question on whether meaningless sex was fun? You’ll have to pony up and answer it yourself first.

There are over five million people on OkCupid, so while not the biggest online dating site, it still has a very considerable member base. Because of the quizzes and matching, it feels more fun and less clinical than other dating sites, with both an excellent desktop website and great mobile apps.

A big draw for many people is OkCupid’s price tag, which is $0. It’s not as popular as Plenty of Fish, the biggest free site, but OkCupid has a better interface, and perhaps higher quality matches for a lot of people. Due to the site itself being free, many people go ahead and spend a little money with a service like Ignite Your Match to have their profile reviewed in order to get ideas how to improve it. The main reason that so many people, guys in particular, have trouble with their OkCupid experience is that they have problems in their profiles that they don’t even know about, red flags that keep people from messaging them back, or being interested in talking to them initially. Getting your profile critiqued either with a profile advice service or by friends can help a lot.

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