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  • "I've been out of the dating game for 19 years and sometimes friends and family can steer you wrong, even though they mean well. Getting unbiased feedback is very enlightening and greatly appreciated."
    Chicago, IL
  • "The feedback was completely honest, straight to the point and not attacking in any way so it was very refreshing to get a variety of different opinions, from which I was able to take several common factors and see some of the weaknesses I hadn’t realized I was putting out there."
    London, UK
  • "The results were immediately noticeable. My profile got several more views a day than previously and the number of messages I received more than doubled. The best part is I’m now getting more quality dates! The service was worth several times the price!"
    Orange County, CA




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We were started by Stuart Brent, a member of the growing online dating community and an Information Scientist. The analytical approach he's instilled in our processes along with our great team of profile reviewers ensure you receive results.
Oh, and did we mention Stuart met his match after using Ignite Your Match?

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